Hanger Unit Bearings

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Mounted bearings and housings with rolling bearings support a rotating shaft, which can be bolted on a machine frame or any other substurcture. This makes these solutions cost-efficient and easy to use, while providing full rolling bearing performance.



Hanger units with set screw lock. Standard duty; Cast iron housing; Wide inner race bearing; Available with eccentric locking collar bearing; B-type seals; L3-type seals available in some sizes. Consult IPTCI for speed limitations.Hanger Bearing Units. Hanger bearing units install on equipment on a steel tube. The pedestal of a hanger bearing unit usually has a threaded hole that allows easy installation and maintenance. Motion Industries offers a selection of cast iron, pressed steel, stainless steel, or thermoplastic housings fitted with a full range of spherical outside diameter bearing inserts.




AMI UEECH205-15NP Hanger Unit Bearings

In Stock Standard
1.05 40mm

AMI UCECH204-12NPMZ20 Hanger Unit Bearings

43 mm 4.5 mm
393 kN 176 mm

AMI UEECH205-14NP Hanger Unit Bearings

18000 Plastic
In Stock 11000

AMI UCECH201-8NPMZ20 Hanger Unit Bearings

57 kN 35 mm
31.4 kN 47 mm

AMI UCECH202-10NPMZ20 Hanger Unit Bearings

Standard 17700
6 0.03 KGS

AMI UEECH204-12NP Hanger Unit Bearings

0.43 KGS 72mm
8000 Plastic

AMI UEECH204NP Hanger Unit Bearings

15000 rpm 0.30 mm
13000 rpm 42.0000 mm

AMI UCECH211-35NPMZ2 Hanger Unit Bearings

5 m/s 20 N/mm²
65 mm 10 N/mm²

AMI UCECH211-32NPMZ2 Hanger Unit Bearings

0.02 KGS Open Type
Plastic In Stock

AMI UEECH212-39 Hanger Unit Bearings

7mm Standard
65mm 50mm

AMI UEECH212 Hanger Unit Bearings

0.35 kg 11000 r/min
0.35 53 mm

AMI UCECH210NPMZ2 Hanger Unit Bearings

240mm 0.02 KGS
In Stock 110mm