Cam Follower and Track Roller - Yoke Type

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Cam followers and track rollers from Grainger can withstand a variety of mechanical applications. Choose from assorted cam follower types, including full complement needle rollers, stud, heavy stud, crowned and yoke. Track rollers can handle applications with a combination of both radial and axial loads. Yoke Rollers. Yoke rollers have a hole in the middle and work for applications that require minimal deflection. Because yoke rollers eliminate stud deflection and have higher shear strength, the configuration can support heavier loads. Yoke rollers work with cam or track roller applications that have moderate loading and shock.



Cam followers (stud-type track rollers) are designed to run on all types of tracks and to be used in cam drives, conveyor systems, etc. They are based on either needle or cylindrical roller bearings. Instead of an inner ring, they have a threaded solid stud (pin). SKF supplies them ready-to-mount.Also known as yoke-style cam followers, these rollers have more mounting flexibility than threaded track rollers. They're typically mounted onto a shaft or clevis rod end. Rollers with seal have end seals to protect rolling elements from dirt and contamination.